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This session will help students to explore their perspective on spirituality and religion. Students will have a chance via video to hear from various faculty, staff and students their perspective on these subjects. There will also be a chance for students to share in small group. We will also explore different modes of contemplation, using the Tree of Contemplation, and share ways that they can explore their spiritual life here on campus.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Considering spiritual questions and resources on campus.

Other Goals, if applicable (these are goals not directly connected to student learning – e.g. forming group cohesion or identifying which students may be struggling to transition.)

  1. Articulate key traditions or experiences that have shaped their own moral compass and spiritual perspective.
  2. Demonstrate awareness of opportunities for faith exploration on campus.
  3. Consider spiritual questions in their lives.


Tree of Contemplation --

Videos on Spirituality:

EmmausBrochure.pdf (11990 kB)