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We expect to offer a basic grounding in CST, likely through a video (we’re reviewing a few options of existing videos.) After the video, students will pair share - what words caught their attention in the video. All students provided a handout that gives a brief description of each of the seven themes. Students are broken into 7 groups, each assigned one theme. The small groups are given questions to discuss related to their theme, that help them reflect on how they can be advocates and agents of change related to this theme. Each group creates a meme to promote their on campus. Large group sharing - brief recap of theme and sharing meme.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the history, mission and traditions of St. Norbert, St. Norbert College and the Norbertines.
  2. Name, understand, and explain the seven generally-agreed-upon tenets of Catholic Social Teaching

Other Goals, if applicable (these are goals not directly connected to student learning – e.g. forming group cohesion or identifying which students may be struggling to transition.)

  1. For students to reflect on their experience of service.
  2. For students to be able to name a social issue they are passionate about.
  3. Connect CST to the Norbertine identity and mission during this, the college’s Heritage Week.