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After a brief check-in process, students will be asked to pair share their childhood experiences of faith or church and what the term religion means to them. Then the group will brainstorm reactions to the term “Catholic.” We’ll share a very short video that shows some of the expansiveness of the tradition (through celebrities, types/locations of ministry, subgroups that are engaged in the tradition,) and then ask the students to engage the SNC articulation of the Catholic tradition. (It was hoped that SNC articulation would come through the “elevator version” of the Catholic identity statement, but for this year we may need to substitute in the bullets on the back of the bookmark.) At any rate, with either text, students will be invited to engage the text - what do they connect with, what do they have questions about, and what would it mean to live this out at SNC? For the end of the session, there will be a chance for groups to log on to a live panel that will receive and respond to questions in real time. Leaders will facilitate their groups brainstorming a question or two for this “ask the experts” component.


Learning Goals

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the history, mission and traditions of St. Norbert, St. Norbert College and the Norbertines.

Other Goals, if applicable (these are goals not directly connected to student learning – e.g. forming group cohesion or identifying which students may be struggling to transition.)

  1. Bring to the surface conceptions/misconceptions about Catholicism and help students learn more about this core tradition of SNC.

Streaming Media

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