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You will provide each student their CliftonStrengths report, help them connect their top 5 Signature Themes to their actions, and work with them to think about ways to continue to develop each theme at St. Norbert College. There will be a mix of time to read their report, interact with each other and wrap up with a reflective exercise that you will collect and use when you meet with the students one-on-one.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate interpersonal skills consistent with student success
  2. Students will gain an understanding of their top 5 Signature Themes
  3. Students will begin to recognize how those themes play out in their lives
  4. Students will understand that their Signature Themes can be developed into strengths

Other Goals, If applicable (these goals are not directly connected to student learning -- e.g. forming group cohesion or identifying which students may be struggling to transition.

  1. Students will get to know each other better