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Session will begin with students brainstorming their past experiences of belonging, including the rules/behaviors that support a strong sense of group. Then we will show a video that depicts SNC community members responding to the prompt “communio is…” by writing a word of phrase on a whiteboard. (The photos were captured in April; we’re still working on the video.) Leaders will provide a brief teaching on the theological foundation of the concept of communio (language is provided in the outline.) Next, the large group will be divided into six groups and each group will receive a sheet with one principle of community from Ernest Boyer coupled with one or more quotes from the Rule of Augustine. The sheet includes instructions on what the small group is to discuss and be prepared to report out. Large group reporting out is the last main part of this session. Finally, a moment of reflection/learning capture will invite students to note on a post-it (and leave behind,) what they learned about communio in this session


Learning Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate understanding of the history, mission and traditions of St. Norbert, St. Norbert College and the Norbertines.

2. Articulate, defend and act on community and personal values.

3. Broaden and deepen the common understanding of communio as used at St. Norbert College - move beyond simple social expressions of the concept.

4. Help students encounter relevant content in the Rule of Augustine, and understand the connection of the Rule with Norbertine life


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