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On Tuesday (the session prior to this), you will hand out room assignments to the students in your section about where they should go for this meeting. They will go directly to that meeting room. There will 8 different meeting rooms - 1 for each academic division plus one for undecided students. In each room, there will be a faculty member(s), tutor(s) or TA(s) for subjects in that division, and (maybe) a staff member from Academic Support Services


Learning Outcomes

  1. Utilize academic resources effectively and with integrity. Become familiar with academic support resources and learn about effective study strategies, with division or discipline-specific connections
  2. Understand a basic definition of studying and what it might look like for them as individuals
  3. Learn how to communicate appropriately with faculty and staff

Other Goals if applicable (these are goals not directly connected to student learning – e.g. forming group cohesion or identifying which students may be struggling to transition.)

  1. Students will meet people in their area of interest that they could ask for assistance