Harriet Jacobs' Search for Home


Harriet Jacobs' Search for Home


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In her autobiographical narrative, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (1861), Harriet Jacobs describes her enslavement in Edenton, North Carolina, her escape from slavery, and her life as a fugitive slave in the North. At the end of her book, Jacobs writes: "The dream of my life is not yet realized. I do not sit with my children in a home of my own. I still long for a hearthstone of my own, however humble" (Jacobs/Yellin 259). Throughout her narrative, Jacobs makes it clear that she could only find a home when she was free from enslavement, but even after she escaped to the North, Jacobs faced many obstacles in her search for a place where she could live with her two children. This map traces Jacobs' search for a home, both while she was enslaved and after her enslavement.

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Harriet Jacobs, slavery, fugitive slave, antebellum


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Harriet Jacobs' Search for Home