Established in 1984, the Killeen Chair of Theology & Philosophy provides the opportunity for nationally and internationally known figures to come to St. Norbert College to keep the community abreast of current scholarship on theological and philosophical issues vital to our time. It is a resource that underscores the importance of theology and philosophy in a Catholic liberal arts education through public lectures, symposia, classroom presentations and informal conversation.

Abbot Sylvester Michael Killeen, O.Praem., was a graduate of St. Norbert High School and in 1925, made his solemn profession as a Norbertine. He received his bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctorate from St. Norbert College. Abbot Killeen taught at St. Norbert, and in 1955, became the second abbot of St. Norbert Abbey. In 1967, he was named chancellor of St. Norbert College. After resigning the post, Abbot Killeen served on the board of trustees. He received the Alma Mater award from St. Norbert College, and was named Titular Abbot of Holy Trinity Abbey, Lock Ce, in Ireland, as well as the Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International.

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2023-2024 Visions of Apocalypse
2022-2023 Climate Justice
2021-2022 Norbertine Charisms
2019-2020 "Must We Speak? Civic Responsibility in Times of Polarization"
2018-2019 Community and Technology
2017-2018 Transformative Experience
2016-2017 Economic Justice
2015-2016 Health and the Human Person
2014-2015 Science and Religion
2013-2014 Happiness and the Good Life
2012-2013 The Common Good
2011-2012 Religious Pluralism in America