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This is a brief description of some of the main points of the edition.

  • The creation of a new residence hall that would be used exclusively by women until an addition was made to an already existing women's residence.
  • The administrative appointments of Dr. Neil J. Webb to vice president, Dr. Donald B. King as the new dean, and appointments to the new Board of Trustees.
  • A breakdown of the continually growing Annual Alumni Fund from the years 1960-1966. Also a list of the 1966 donors.
  • The $61,000 extension of a research grant for Dr. N. J. Flanigan who worked jointly with the U.S. Navy in research on aquatic mammals and their behavioral patterns.
  • The drafting of a former SNC star defensive tackle and heavyweight wrestler, Tim Houlton, to the Washington Redskins.

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Knight Life: May 1967