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Organizational leaders seek educated, confident and ambitious employees. Therefore, the above description begs the question: How can one attract and retain such valuable talent?

Female professionals born between 1980 and 2000 are considered the Millennial Generation. Organizations that wish to attract and retain these women should facilitate effective mentoring relationships, since mentoring is proven to positively impact the careers of both millennials and women in the workplace (Leck & Orser, 2013; Tschantz, 2016).

A review of retention literature reveals a number of strategies that have been proven to keep good employees at a company for the maximum amount of time. Narrowing existing research by gender and generation further reveals this key retention strategy. The paper will conclude with a call to action for organizational leaders, followed by suggestions for future study.


This was completed as a semester project for the Masters of Business Administration program. Emily Schutte's advisor for this project was Dr. Joy Pahl.