Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)

First Advisor

Dr. Laurie MacDiarmid

Second Advisor

Dr. Katherine Daily O'Meara


In their purest forms, fairy tales are remnants of early Northern European oral traditions. These written versions inaccurately reflect the value of Teutonic women seen in the original sagas, myths, and historical accounts. Monstrous witches in fairy tales represent the othering of women, rescripting Teutonic female roles into a Classical Roman patriarchal understanding of female agency. In the recent animated films Frozen (2013) and Maleficent (2014), witches are observed correcting women's roles, transitioning from evil antagonist to loving protagonist. Utilizing historical, anthropological, and folk/fairy tale studies, I will map the fluid role of the witch across time and genre.