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Musical Composition

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Fr. Ambrose Dobbelsteen was born in Heeswijk, Holland in 1878. He was vested in Berne Abbey in 1895 and professed solemn vows there in 1900. He immigrated to the United States in 1912 and was the last of the 26 Norbertines Berne Abbey was to send to their American mission. Described as “an ambitious, industrious, and gregarious fellow,” Fr. Dobbelsteen was appointed dean of music at St. Norbert College, founded the De Pere Choral Society, and readily crafted several choral pieces with a popular slant, all in English, and all for piano accompaniment. By 1915 the choral society was 150 strong, accompanied by a full orchestra, and renamed the De Pere-Green Bay Choral Society. Its performance that year was one of the grandest events ever to be held in the community. After having taught at St. Norbert College for many years, he was appointed pastor of St. Martin in Tonet in 1922, where he died on Tuesday, November 18, 1947 at the age of 69.