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Orts 36,1995

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The new owners of 'The Farm', Huntly—MacDonald's childhood home—are the Johannesens from California as announced in the last issue of 'Orts'. Andy and Debbie are settling happily into life in a small town in northern Scotland, according to reports and their own correspondence. They welcome visitors and overnight guests as far as the fairly limited accommodation allows, and can supply a leaflet giving their charges. Running the place as a guest-house is not of course their main aim! From a letter written in June we learn: "Every transaction has gone smoothly. Our great and glorious Lord has seen that we enjoy the 'changing of the guard' with a sense of delight and gladness—and every person involved has been notably pleasant and encouraging. A very grand sense of welcome as their new neighbours—truly a sincere and genuine act of Christian hospitality! Tremendous example for us to follow. Americans learning from the Scots—I like that! We’re having great fun getting goods at the local 'roups' or sales which surface artefacts occasionally befitting for the Farm."