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Orts 46, 1998

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Adela workshops explore the penetrating spiritual/psychological insights of MacDonald's fairy tales and seek to discover how they can be put to direct practical use in everyday situations. Following the very successful workshop on Adela Cathcart held in Massachusetts in 1995 we hope to hold a similar workshop focusing on The Lost Princess (The Wise Woman) in New Hampshire or Maine in July 1998. Workshops actively involve all participants, there are no lectures. The Lost Princess is particularly suited for such an approach. MacDonald has written the story in such a way that it is impossible for readers not to imagine themselves in the same situations as the two contrasting families in the story: wondering whether they would make, or have made, the same mistakes with their own children; and speculating what other mistakes they may have made, or will be likely to make. It is equally impossible not to identify with the Princess herself, the 'Rose of the World,' as she struggles with the deadly serious role-playing games which the Wise Woman devises for her.