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Orts 53, 1999

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We have an impressive array of speakers for this event. Stratford Caldecott, Director of the Centre for Faith and Culture will introduce them all. Father Robert Wild will give the introductory talk on "Chesterton's Debt to George MacDonald." Our President, Stephen Prickett, Religious Professor of English at Glasgow University, will speak next, coming back early from his summer work at the A.N.U. in Canberra for this event. Professor David Jasper, head of the department of Literature and Theology at Glasgow University will be speaking on "The Paradox of a 'St Francis of Aberdeen." Dr Colin Manlove is the author of many successful books on fantasy literature in English, all of which have a study of MacDonald's writings at their core. These include Modern Fantasy, The Impulse of Fantasy Literature, Christian Fantasy, Scottish Fantasy and (just published) The Fantasy Literature of England. He will be speaking on "G.K. Chesterton and George MacDonald: Strangers and Brothers". Our Editor, David Robb, head of the Department of English at Dundee University, has chosen as his title: "'Imaginative but Intimately True': The Novels of George MacDonald." The closing plenary session will be chaired by the Society's Chairman, Richard Lines.