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Orts 66, 2004

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About thirty members from both Societies attended an enjoyable and rewarding one day conference on Saturday 30th October at which two speakers from each Society gave papers on the treatment of the treatment of the character of Lilith in Williams's Descent into Hell and MacDonald's Lilith and other works. Brian Horn gave a concise, but detailed paper on the Williams novel, concentrating particularly on the character of Lawrence Wentworth who, through his own self-love and disregard for others, does literally 'descend into hell'. Brian read his concise, but detailed and erudite, paper in thirty five minutes, allowing plenty of time for questions and discussion in the remainder of the hour allotted. John Docherty followed with a wideranging talk on the Lilith theme in MacDonald, referring not only to the eponymous novel, but also to earlier works, particularly the stories which are the core (and perhaps the real interest) of Adela Cathcart.