The Lost Dauphin Envelope 1

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Envelope is from Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Commission and includes:

  • Copy of short biography of Miroslav Pansky.
  • Two copies of budget for "The Lost Dauphin." One has phone numbers on the back.
  • Two sheets with 'The Artists.' Possibly the staff for the Pamiro Opera Company.
  • Sheet of 'Board of Directors - Profile.' Possibly the board of directors for the Pamiro Opera Company.
  • Two sheets concerning the tax exemption status of Pamiro Opera Company.
  • Copy of Small & Major Grants for State, Regional and Local Projects Application for "The Lost Dauphin."
  • Copy of letter from Miroslav Pansky to Governor and Mrs. Thompson (March 29, 2000) inviting them to the world premiere of "The Lost Dauphin."
  • Copy of photo of Gordon Parmentier? - Newspaper clipping of advertisement for the world premiere of "The Lost Dauphin."
  • Sheet concerning the Eleazer Williams Exhibit (May 12, 2000 - August 20, 2000) at the Neville Public Museum. It asks for $150 to be sent to the museum.
  • Copy of New York Times article titled "Genetics Offers Denouement To Mystery of Prince's Death" (April 20, 2000) by Suzanne Daley. On the back is a note from Marianne to Gordon.

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