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Beacons of knowledge illuminate new paths to wisdom

The libraries in which we share our collective knowledge are evolving into wired and comfortable forums. Their adaptable spaces and innovative technologies stretch our traditional notions of how best to store and access the tools we need for learning.

On the cover: Framed by the wrought-iron archway on Third Street, the Miriam B. and James J. Mulva Library catches the early morning sun. The ellipse, a striking architectural element at the building’s northeast corner, houses on its second floor the Center for Norbertine Studies and, on its third floor, a fireplace lounge for comfortable reading and a wonderful new view of campus.

Publication Date

Summer 2009


Mulva, library, Todd Wehr, renovations, Karne Mand, library science, Center for Norbertine Studies, heritage, religious, literacy, video games, Chuck Holton, Harlem Globetrotters, Jenny Scherer, track and field, hockey, women's hockey, varsity


Media Web Extras:

  • SNC Day - A gallery of images from the college's biggest-ever open house.
  • Miss Weinick at 103 - The college’s oldest alum looks back on more than a century of memories.
  • Hildegard of Bingen - A Center for Norbertine Studies symposium casts new light on the life of this influential medieval mystic.
  • Game of learning - Paul Waelchli (Library) teaches information literacy through fantasy football.
  • A legacy to celebrate - Meet three families whose ties to St. Norbert have endured across the generations.
  • Adventures in Manila - Laurie MacDiarmid (English) and her daughter chronicle their semester in the Philippines.
  • The "Twilight" phenomenon - Stephenie Meyers’ series is attracting scholarly attention from, among others, our own John Pennington (English).
  • Keeping track - Jenny Scherer ’10 has been taking her insider’s view of varsity track and field to a national audience.
  • The inside view - Gerry Diaz ’04 reports from his new job: covering the Green Bay Packers for
  • From start to finish - The Mulva Library, now open, takes shape before your eyes in this time-lapse sequence of images.

Fall 2009 Gateway to Learning