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The grace of life’s simple pleasures

Chief among the things that make summers memorable are friendship, happiness and pleasant memories. In this issue we celebrate all three, along with many more of life’s simple pleasures.

On the cover: Summertime brings with it an easier pace. At St. Norbert, the semester-time schedule gives way to summer-session courses that leave half days free for solitary study, or simply time to find a tranquil spot on our tree-canopied campus.

Publication Date

Summer 2011


SCOLA, language, Paul Wadell, seminary, campus, Leanne Kent, eudaemonia, beer, brewing, Julie Kuklinski, Women in Construction, Mississippi, poverty, organ, Dan Lukes, sports


Media Web Extras:

  • The St. Norbert College Strategic Research Institute - David Wegge (Political Science) speaks about the evolution of the former Survey Center. Embedded.
  • Commencement 2011 - A gallery of images celebrates a fine day to remember.
  • Commencement speaker, author David Maraniss - The Pulitzer Prize-winner addresses the Class of 2011. Embedded.
  • On friendship - Friends Paul Wadell and Howard Ebert ’74 (Religious Studies) discuss their own connection in the light of Wadell’s work on friendship in the Christian life.
  • A question of happiness - Leanne Kent (Philosophy) speaks on classical and contemporary conceptions.
  • Well-remembered - Jim Benton (Sociology), Jim Hodgson (Biology) and Donald Taylor (Art) say what St. Norbert College has meant to them.
  • "Consolation Prize" - Read a sample of poems from this new collection by Laurie MacDiarmid (English).
  • The art of collaboration - Brian Pirman (Art) and Leivur Djurhuus ’12 talk about their recent installation in the Godschalx Gallery.
  • Let the music sound - The Rev. Bartholomew Agar, O.Praem., ’55 (Music, Emeritus) performs at the abbey church.

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