Scars of War

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Spring 3-14-2015


Scars of War: The Psychological and Physical Traumas of War Depicted through Art.

War is shattering, leaving behind gaping wounds in need of healing. Some require bandages, other wounds are psychological and not visible. Both leave a scar. These scars are an inevitable part of the human experience. The psychological and physical ramifications of war exist as long as strife pervades. This collection of works, depicting war from the French Revolution to present day Iraq, illustrates the scarring impact war has on the people and places within its grasp. New technology and art styles have transformed the way we see the world. We go from plate etchings in the earliest works to works responding to the impact of televised images during the Vietnam War, and photographs and abstract art responding to the recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Regardless of what way artists choose to depict war, war remains heartbreaking, psychologically and physically destructive, leaving an imprint on the world around us.


This is a poster presentation created for an honors tutorial lead by Brandon Bauer, Assistant Professor of Art. The tutorial was titled - HONR 289: War and Trauma in Visual Art from Francisco Goya to Wafaa Bilal. The tutorial ran in the Fall of 2014, and this poster was presented at the 2015 St. Norbert College Undergraduate Research Forum, and the 2015 National Collegiate Honors Council Conference in Chicago, IL.