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This short Des Peres yearbook, compiled and published by the students of St. Norbert College, contains a record of activities of the 1944-1945 scholastic year for both Norbert College and St. Norbert High School.

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The St. Norbert College Archives acknowledges that materials archived for the benefit of future generations sometimes contain text or images that may offend against the shared values of later generations, including our own. Indeed, such material may have proven offensive to some or many even at the time of its production.

The materials preserved do not necessarily reflect the college’s stance or mission, nor its current views, values and policies, however, we acknowledge the need for reflection and conversation centered on the ongoing impact of marginalization in our community, both historically and today.

Any questions or concerns about anything contained in this digitization can be answered and discussed through contact with the St. Norbert College Archives, (920) 403-3282 or email ATTN: Archives at

The Des Peres Yearbook: 1944-1945