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Semester Completed

Spring 2017


De Pere


Abigail Hausman, Abbie Hausman, package design, logo design, graphic design, screen printing, photography


Art and Design

Artist Statement

I am often that person oddly staring at a specific item on a shelf for what may look like eternity to other people. I do this because I am in awe of some design I am taking in and thinking to myself, “I want to make something like that! That’s some awesome stuff!” That is quite honestly the first thing that comes to mind when reflecting on the motivation behind my design work. I want someone to do a double take in a grocery store, after almost walking by, to reflect over my design.

I am also strangely inspired by Paul Rand. Strangely simply because if you know his work, you probably would not connect it to mine. It really boils down to the fact I admire his mantra that good design is simple, which also makes it complicated. Non-designers shouldn’t notice all of the “behind the scenes” complications of design work because the design should be able to speak for itself. I intend for my work to communicate effectively through beautiful design, which, to me, means inviting colors, comfortable typefaces and a clean aesthetic.

I’ll also admit to a certain Pinterest-y influence as well. As a result, I integrate Rand’s concept of clean, simple design, with the homemade, organic style often seen on Pinterest or Etsy. The organic aesthetic creates a more personal feel for the viewer, rather than a mass-produced look. It’s that look that would allow a Nag Pere Brewery six pack stick out in the refrigerator case as it sits amongst the hundreds of other brands that people are accustomed to seeing. I take the concepts of color variety, clean but unique type, and an organic forms and aesthetics and apply them to my work such as the Nag Pere Brewery packaging or the Munch Dip mixes so that they jump out to a potential consumer as friendly, innovative, and well-made products.


Abigail Hausman

Abbie Hausman Senior Art Portfolio