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This document represents the Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio of Trevor Cornell shown in the Bush Art Center Galleries in Spring 2022.

Semester Completed

Spring 2022


De Pere, WI


sports, athlete, art exhibition, vector, animation, GIF, illustration


Art and Design

Artist Statement

This work takes premier moments in sports from the world of athletics, isolates them, and interprets them in vector format through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to display another perspective. I have simplified elements of the subject so that only the form remains. This includes removing most, if not all, identifying elements, including names, numbers, team logos, and even facial features. I use illustration to further isolate the subject, almost from itself. This is meant to create a new extension of an old memory, while still keeping enough of the subject intact so that the viewer can still recognize the subject at hand.

I have chosen to focus on events that occurred after my birthday in 1999, and selected larger-than-life people as subjects, including—but not limited to—Lionel Messi, Simone Biles, Mo’Ne Davis, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. I chose these people because of the gravity their names and likenesses hold, and their increased likelihood of being recognized by a larger audience.

These works also put a high-level emphasis on the use of gradients and color. Every color used in this collection is taken from a color sample derived from some area of the image. These samples are then combined to interact as gradients, adding more depth to the images in order to more accurately represent the effects of light and shadows.

Furthermore, I decided to use elements of motion picture to create GIFs for these moments. While not all pieces use elements of motion, those whose moments cannot be captured in just a single frame are approached as such and have multiple frames applied. Six total frames are used per GIF over a five second period, providing enough time to potentially recognize the event shown, while still being short enough to go back for a second look if need be.


Trevor Cornell

Trevor Cornell, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio