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This document represents the Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio of Kori Halstead, which was exhibited in the Bush Art Center Galleries in the spring of 2022.

Semester Completed

Spring 2022


De Pere, WI


art exhibition, senior art, music, music art, graphic design, photography, illustration, collage, vinyl, musician, senior, Adobe, photoshop, illustrator, design, lyrics


Art and Design

Artist Statement

I grew up listening to a variety of different genres of music, but no other genre seemed to “get me” like country music did. It was country that initially inspired my passion for playing guitar and writing songs. The music became more than just something to listen to every so often. It was something I analyzed for its rhythms, its instrumental makeup, and its deeper meanings. It contained the very essence of the artist’s emotion. Music is the expression of one’s innermost thoughts and feelings through sound.

My love for country music, combined with my newfound passion for graphic design, gave birth to my senior show concept. I decided that I would design album covers for my own songs, and for each cover to represent the emotion of the song I had written. What better way to make visual art that expresses feeling than using the same feelings expressed audibly?

As I listened to a variety of country artists through my music streaming services, naturally I found myself studying the designs of the album covers for many of the songs I listened to. As I studied them, I found that there seemed to be four major aspects to the designs, including collage, illustration, typography, and photography. I decided to focus on these four main areas throughout the design process of five of my songs, in which I utilized a combination of fine art and graphic design.


Kori Halstead

Kori Halstead, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio