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This is the Senior Art Portfolio of Rachel Pelkie 2023. It's a series of paintings with texture and layers.

Semester Completed

Spring 2023


De Pere


Mixed media, Texture, 3D, Plants, Fruits


Art and Design

Artist Statement

Texture Exploration is about experimentation and experiencing the feeling of different materials against one's hands. It consists of multiple canvases layered with various types of textured mediums. It speaks to my fascination with how a piece feels and how different dimensions appear on canvas or other surfaces. Each piece has random but cohesive aspects, giving the series a more abstract appearance. A mixture of vibrant and dark colors enhances the work's contrast.

Each piece starts with a foundation layer, a combination of multiple materials spread across the canvas. Then three-dimensional elements are added on top of the foundation layer. Various mediums are used, such as shaving cream, paint mediums, nail polish, glitter, spackle, and modeling paste. The gloss gel medium gives the paint a hard, shiny appearance. In comparison, the spackle and iridescent medium create a smooth look. The shaving cream mixed with gel medium makes for a unique fluffy, almost airy material. The modeling paste and spackle aid in the stiffness and structure of the paint. I use a piping bag, a bottle, a putty knife, and a metal palette knife to create the works. The piping bags and bottles allow a more controlled way of placing the paint onto the canvas. In contrast, the putty and palette knife results in a less controlled form and a smooth but elevated layer and spiky texture. With these techniques, the paint has dimension and shape.


Rachel Pelkie

Rachel Pelkie: Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio