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This is work created by Molly Wardius for the Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio 2024. The work includes graphic design, photography, and collage.

Semester Completed

Spring 2024


De Pere


Graphic Design, Milwaukee, Collage, Photography, Photoshop, Amalia Wardius, Molly Wardius


Art and Design | Graphic Design

Artist Statement

I created a series of four digital collages using images I captured in downtown Milwaukee, my hometown. The collages are focused on themes of hidden beauty brought to light around the city; more specifically the preservation of nature, urban or “street” art, preservation of urban historical buildings, and iconic modern architecture. Each of the four collages have a monochromatic different color scheme so as to showcase all the different colors that appear around the city. It was an interesting challenge as well as a fun learning process to create a series of large abstract and surreal digital collages. The process of making digital collages is enjoyable because there are no rules or limits to what you can do; and I had fun warping, recoloring, and layering the images I took to create these collages. After my collages were complete, I realized I wanted to invite viewers to explore and interact with my project on a more personal level, so I created a photography booklet to go along with them. I kept the collaged elements out of these booklets and opted to let the photography stand on its own as a way for viewers to see exactly what I saw when I took the photos. The process of this project allowed me to explore both photography and graphic design within the context of physical location with which I have a personal connection.


Molly Wardius

Molly Wardius, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio