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This work was created for the Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio 2024. This work includes graphic design and illustration focused on environmental conservation.

Semester Completed

Spring 2024


De Pere


graphic design, photoshop, illustrator, illustration, Sarah Pohjola, fish, coral, coral bleaching, forest, trees, fires, forest fires, birds, Kauaʻi ʻōʻō, extinction, space, space debris, space pollution, environmental, environmental art, earth's destruction, stickers, large format


Art and Design | Climate | Environmental Health and Protection | Graphic Design | Illustration | Natural Resources and Conservation

Artist Statement

The Earth’s crust gets harvested out, leaving fewer and fewer resources. Animals are going extinct, plants are dying, our planet is becoming nothing but pollution, our air is smog, and our planet is surrounded by bullets of our own making. Soon, the things we once knew will be gone forever, and we don’t even realize what’s happening.

The world is as we knew it is dying, and we just watch as it struggles to adapt to every cruel thing we torture it with. Animals our parents knew have already disappeared, their numbers falling until they are extinct. Habitats have been removed, leaving only whatever we built on top of the graves of rolling plains, tall jungles, icy fields, and some many other breath-taking locations.

It’s hard to understand the effects of our reckless actions on the planet with only scientific words. To bring attention to just how much we’ve hurt our planet, I have created a series of four cinematic-style posters that highlight some of the large-impact negative treatments, and the issues that come with them, that hurt our planet. I want to showcase these issues in a way that will draw the eyes of passersby and acknowledge that our world is changing, and soon, it will never recover.


Sarah Pohjola

Sarah Pohjola, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio, Earth's Destruction