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This is artwork created for the Senior Art Exhibition 2024. This work includes photography and mixed media.

Semester Completed

Spring 2024


De Pere


Sports Photography, Mixed Media, Carsen Gatz, Sports, Athletes, Track and Field, Large Print, Adobe Photoshop, Layering


Art and Design | Art Practice

Artist Statement

For the majority of my teenage and adult years, I have rooted myself in athletics, slowly building my life around it. I spent years training to become the best athletic version of myself. I encountered numerous injuries and mental setbacks, all so I could push my body to its fullest potential. But, through the shared experiences of pain, effort, and success, I had the opportunity to cultivate numerous friendships that helped me grow as an individual and an athlete. This series, Athletes, showcases the devout dedication of athletes. It includes six photographic collages that highlight the physical efforts of athletes while also displaying their unity and individuality. Creating this series, I had the opportunity to showcase some of my fellow athletes and their experiences.

Through a variety of locations and activities, such as running, block starts, and weight training, my teammates display their athletic lifestyles. I applied different collaging methods to the images to add visual effects. Each piece was developed through a series of functions in Adobe Photoshop, such as layering, masking, and feathering. I included my own experience as an athlete, through the display of racing bibs I have acquired throughout my time competing as an athlete. The series, Athletes, was created to study the activities of athletes, to grow an understanding of their efforts, to showcase the devout dedication of these individuals, and consider what their passions are directed at.


Carsen Gatz

Carsen Gatz, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio