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Sound economics at work

The work of St. Norbert College economists throws interesting light on the single field of study that dominates headlines today. Tough times prompt this look at the research, training and education that will guide tomorrow’s decision-makers. And, we examine “educationomics” itself – the science of keeping affordable those very institutions where such analysis and scholarship is possible.

On the cover: Chris Ayers ’97 kindly bent his animal-a-day drawing habit to our purpose with his cover illustration for this issue. “Balancing Act” started life as Day 1,063 of The Daily Zoo, a series of sketchbooks that Ayers began when in recovery from a life-threatening illness. It’s a nice take on the challenges higher education is helping to meet in tough economic times.

Publication Date

Spring 2009


athletics complex, Donald J. Schneider, Galapagos, student research, educationomics, scholarships, grants, economics, Sandy Odorzynski, Heather Krull, graduate school, NFL, draft, B.A., M.S., applied economics, Marquette University, Chris Ayers, creativity, health, Schuldes, basketball


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